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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

CDC Falsely Inflating SARS-2 Deaths To Push the Globalist Narratives!

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1) To make Trump look bad
2) For another Bailout of money to be stolen from the US citizens
3) To justify the mandatory vaccine, that Gates and his fellow globalists want 

The above is the official CDC guidance.    Funny how they don't date the document, and they release it as NVSS (National Vital Statistics System) to distance from the CDC. 

We need to clean house on all of these Federal Agencies.    It might be necessary to start fresh with a brand new organization, and shit can all old personnel, and rehire the hand selected best.    Cut them in size 50% while we are at it.   

Government is a huge drag on our country.  


CDC with more criminal activities.    First, assholes, do no harm.

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