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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Chinese Spies -- Featuring Yanquin Ye, and More

stock here, I will add more as juicy articles come up.    I am a bit worried that we will all focus too much on "evil China" and miss the elephants on our own shores.  

------------------------------- While pursuing the 3 spies noted in below stories, I came across another story on "American Military News"

For some reason this female Lieutenant of the  Chinese Military, who reported directly to a Colonel....well her picture says it all.

The FBI questioned her at Logan airport in April 2019.     During the April 2019 interview, Ye
admitted she was a lieutenant in the PLA and was a member of the CCP, authorities said.

This directly contradicts was she submitted in writing to get her US Visa.    The FBI let her leave to China, seriously, and of course she is never coming back.

Is this the same female? Medical Visualization Lab?   Seems topical for bio-engineering "stuff" methinks.    Note image below, her college only has 6 professors, and the Chair is Prof. Milan Sonka
Associate Dean of Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging.

Yanqing Ye     

She looks like kind of a dork compared to her classmates, maybe that makes it easier to "recruit" her.


More on Chinese spies.   I hope you have Twitter.

And here, University of Nebraska, has a oh too simple "strategy", and it's not really a strategy at all.    It is giving away our tax funded research, mostly for free, with little chance of a return on investment.

Looks very woke to me.

“Collaboration with China’s biomedical industry and higher education is really the essence of our strategy,” said D.J. Thayer, UNeMed’s Director of International and Domestic Business Affairs, who oversaw the creation of UNMC-China.
 Apparently this is an "in thing"

Snopes is so obviously a Globalist tool.....

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