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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Christopher Elias -- Mouthpiece of The Gates Foundation -- Talks About How to "Access" Children and Event 201

stock here.  

This Asshat participated in Event 201 -- Which was the staging exercise for the the fake COVID pandemic.    See Event 201 HERE

He says a mouthful in 1.5 minutes.

He pretends their $60M will be working with the Pharmaceutical industry but nothing specific

Even TGF tries to shy away from the word vaccine.

He states they want to work with the UN.   Seems odd, that he didn't say WHO instead of saying the UN?    

This is Feb 20, 2020 (2-20-2020) the only thing they they have definitely picked a "target" to get their money

 Note in this Polio related narrative...."we still don't have access to some children" ?? 

 Is that how they think about their reaction and interaction with children? Ask Rachel Chandler about access. 

And amazingly he notes that they have to fight not just natural polio, but also vaccine derived polio.....hmmmm so the vaccine causes polio? hmmmmm 

NEVER EVER talk about strong and diverse immune systems. 

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