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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Fauci, Illegally Funded "Research" to Create A More Dangerous Virus, Was Under FBI Investigation

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I wish these were shorter, can jump to minute 5 to start.

Fauci, NIH, funded the Wuhan Virology lab to continue research on making corona virus' "more effective" aka a "gain of function".    He had to fund this outside the USA because it was illegal to do this type of "work" in the USA because there was no benefit, and possibly a huge downside.

If you had the flu shot, especially the trivalent flu shot, gives false positives on COVID 19 test.

Dr. Mikovits broke her long silence on the Thomas Paine Podcast and revealed an insider’s nightmare spanning three decades of conducting research under the governmental control of Fauci. Dr. Mikovits said eventually her widespread allegations of fraud and abuse by Fauci helped spark an investigation by the FBI. Dr. Mikovits said she cooperated with federal law enforcement up through 2014. What happened to the probe? You won’t even believe it when you hear it. Dr. Mikovits now accuses the FBI and Justice Department of a massive cover up to protect Fauci and his associates — and sweeping medical scams that continue to endanger Americans. Another FBI scandal. Another Justice Department scandal. And by the way, that was James Comey’s FBI and Eric Holder’s Justice Department. During the White House administration of Barack Obama. (more below)

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