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Thursday, April 2, 2020

HAM Radio -- Links


Your antenna is everything, both transmitting and receiving. Do not attempt to cut corners by compromising on antenna choice, spend the money once on acquiring a good antenna. The same applies to the feed line.
And don't forget that you must be licensed to transmit on amateur frequencies.
[–] 23203835? ago 
Why is a license necessary and how would anyone know you don't have one?
[–] 23203749? [S] ago 
I am very good at learning and taking tests.....can I do it in 20 hours with ZERO radio experience, quite a bit of electronics experience though, can do board level soldering.
[–] 23203429? ago 
Pretty good and above average are two different things. You should worry moar about the antenna anyway.
[–] 23203464? [S] ago 
I thought there was a no brainer "best antenna" I have plenty room to string from house to trees at any angle
Is $600 enough to get a level 6 out of 10 in quality for the Radio itself, Antenna not included.
[–] 23203826? ago 
Dipole is best for HF in my opinion. You need to be up 1/2 WL above ground for the best results, however. The lower the frequency the higher that means you’re going to be. For 40 meters that’s like 60-some odd feet above ground. Some will find that tough to do.
[–] 23203379? ago 
UHF, VHF, or HF?

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