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Thursday, April 9, 2020

It Looks Like Total Flu/Pneumonia Deaths are Down AND Total Deaths Are Down, CDC Data Is a Real Dilemna

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I wrote this yesterday and pondered the causes.   In my daily morning meditation, it occurred to me.....Hospitals kill people.    Because all of the elective surgeries or non urgent ones have been postponed....less people are being killed in Hospitals.


I saw this original claim on the net, but it was presented as simply an assertion with no backup!    That is not reporting.....sheesh....give us the JUICE!    And not the freaking Koolaid.

The red line is the (Flu and Pneumonia Deaths) / Total Deaths.

So Flu and Pneumonia Deaths are a higher percentage than normal, and spiking.    BUT

Flu and Pneumonia Deaths are DOWN!  Not up.   Therefore Total Deaths are also down.

I downloaded the last 7 years of data and put into spreadsheet with clarifications....

You can have it right here

The last week they gave data for was 3-17-20, they are 3 weeks behind.

CDC on their website, claims a 1 week lag on reporting flu data…..but now they are three weeks behind….I mean isn't this data submission pretty much all automatic at this point   


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    1. Oh you have to see the 5-1-20 report. The totally changed the data record, adding in many more deaths....not reclassifying, just adding them in.


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