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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Italy Model Is Remarkably Accurate and Showing Italy Winning Bigly

stock here.   

I pick a favorite date, 3-11, and then using actual Italy data, and especially the declining rate of the exponent of "growth" peg a model that looks great.   My model is the orange line, second one down.   It projects forward and backwards from 3-11-2020.  

So I think it pretty much kicks ass.

The real Italy data is here if you want to take a look

I revisited Italy after reading some balderdash at Zerohedge that "looked good" but which I knew in my heart of hearts, was simply not true.    You know they either just pot shotted it, or spent a few dozen hours to develop this chart....and it is totally effing wrong.   They say it is from JP Morgan data....and you know none of the big brokers could trade their way out of a paper bag, without insider knowledge and direct control over the markets.

My other ax to grind is the Globalist narrative, the interview with the black female Mayor of Washington DC.    A lot of people won't like this, but I need to throw down, because its true.   A lot of the recently installed black female politicians will do just about anything their financiers need them to do in order to keep and increase their power, money, privilege. 

How did this explosion of black female politicians just happen, within a decade?   Elections are financed.   Why doesn't the right do the same?    Well, they think that "justice will prevail" and are unwilling to sink to the slimy depths that a party with no plan, no hope, no results will sink to.

Well in today's Easter interview, she explained how "their model" showed DC peaking in late June, early July.    A month ago I might have believed this, but the real models don't give that any credibility. 

Their goals:
1) Keep people worried
2) Keep people locked down
3) Destroy the economy as much as possible
4) Stall until they can come up with the next narrative

Feb 29 Fauci "Americans should change nothing at this time......the risk is low"

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