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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Massive Drop In Total Deaths In USA -- From CDC Data -- Looks Like Hospitals Kill People

stock here:  This actually took quite a bit of work.

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USA Years 2013 to 2020, Flu,Pneumonia, and Total Deaths All Causes.

This shows weeks 11, 12, 13, recent weeks, in each of the 8 years.

The idea is to show that these wild drop in total deaths is not due to some offset seasonal thing.   The year to year variation in each individual week is not that much.    Except this year for "total deaths".     

Please examine charts closely, took quite a few hours to put this together.

From a reader, an excellent analysis.     Things I see:
  1. There are 9 images; click the chart and you'll see the others underneath it. Initially I had middle-clicked it, to open it in a new tab, and also because I wanted to continue reading the article and not lose my place if left-clicking it just loaded the image. When I started writing this, I reloaded the tab with the article, and then left-clicked it -- then noticed the extra images underneath it. So, I figured this should be the first thing to "notice" in my comment, since others might browse this way.
  2. The first chart shows that normally for pneumonia, there's generally a decline from week 11 to 12 to 13 (4 cases); in two outliers, week 11 to week 12 is either the same or slightly higher, and in both, week 13 is lower than week 11 was. This year, week 11 to week 12 to week 13 is increasing; and, is increasing at a faster rate! The "week 12-13 delta" is almost twice the "week 11-12 delta"! That means week 14 might be an even larger difference.
  3. The "line chart" (totals) show that we're under previous years' averages; by around 10% to 30%.
  4. The "lower" bars (flu numbers per week) look similar to two years ago, with larger steps in between, although for this year, the step from week 12-13 is greater than the step from week 11-12. Note that the "taller" bars (pneumonia numbers per week) show an inverse relationship; in other words, as Drs. Fauci and Birx a few days ago, and President Trump today, in press conferences, said that [they] are padding the numbers of deaths if someone had A before, got corona, then died of A, they count as a corona death. This seems to be a very important aspect of this chart although continuing to look at it I keep seeing more!
I think I'll stop here though. Thanks for sharing this! (Although I haven't even looked at the other 8 images!!! :) )

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