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Sunday, April 19, 2020

NOAA Predicting That This Solar Minimum and Cycle 24 Will Last 14 Years, A RECORD

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Here is some NOAA sources

Readers here know that I have very little respect for NOAA.    They seems to take the most absurd positions at the most clear cut times.

NOAA is  fully pushing the Global Warming non-sense, while at the same time, and this is their current Fiasco....pretending that solar cycle 24 may last 14 years.    

Usually solar cycles are 11 years with some variance but not much.   The standard deviation is 1.202,

They haven't concluded that Solar Cycle 24 is over yet and think it extends out 2 more years.

The last cycle, SC23, was deemed 12.3 years, so if SC24 turns out to be 14 years, then the complete
2-cycle-cycle would be 26.2 years.

That would be a data record since 1761

 NOAA is predicting something that we have never seen before.   How likely is that?

The histogram of the Full Cycle (2 half cycles) is even more interesting

but I think a histogram of the data presents an interesting view.

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