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Monday, April 6, 2020

NY Doctor On Video Explains How Much of the Disease He Is Fighting is Not SARS, Not Pnemonia, It's Oxygen Depreivation

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 He also states that the normal Ventilator Protocol will actually do more damage than good for many people.

Lungs are fragile, over pressurizing them while also in a degraded state can do real damage.

The ventilator emergency needs to be re-examined. If you’re putting a patient on a ventilator because they’re going into a coma and need mechanical breathing to stay alive, okay we get it. Give ’em time for their immune systems to pull through. But if they’re conscious, alert, compliant — keep them on O2. Max it if you have to. If you HAVE to inevitably ventilate, do it at low pressure but max O2. Don’t tear up their lungs with max PEEP, you’re doing more harm to the patient because you’re treating the wrong disease.

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