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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Quercetin and Zinc -- Your Go To Supplements to Prevent SARS-2 (this corona virus)

A doctor friend tipped me off on the Quercetin early on.   I grabbed 4 bottles.

Bottom line.....these are zinc transport mechanisms into cells.   The virus replicates itself using the "RDRP Enzyme" which is like a catalyst in a chemical reaction.    The Zinc prevents the catalyst from working.    BOOM!

At least control your own risk, your own exponent!!!

Here is what Quercetin looks like, just needed more Cowbell
Ol' Billy boy thinks he is really something with his crappy software, and "philanthropy".   

Bill Gates REFUSES to recommend nutrition (zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C) and instead focuses entirely on vaccines and police state tracking

Spike S-protein binding

Quercetin actually works in 2 ways against coronavirus. As a zinc carrier, and also an entry inhibitor, according to the study that used IBM SUMMIT supercomputer to find the substances that bind to the spike S-protein of the virus inhibiting interaction with ACE2 receptors on cells, which coronavirus uniquely targets

Early research on existing drug compounds via supercomputing could combat coronavirus
They found the following natural substances: in addition to Quercetin

Quercetin, Luteolin, Eriodictyol, and Coclaurine // Yerba Santa and Sacred LotusImgur Album

Zinc Ionophore

I wish they'd start talking about Quercetin, EGCG and Zinc. These work in exactly the same way as Hydroxychloroquine--they are zinc ionophores, carriers of zinc into the cytoplasm of cells to inhibit the rdrp enzyme the virus uses to replicate itself. Here this is explained in detail with NIH citations regarding quercetin

How Zinc ionophores (like Hydroxy|chloroquine, Quercetin) Inhibit the The Human Coronavirus from Replicating (and fight Cancer cells)

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