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Monday, April 20, 2020

Quick and Simple: We Need Young People to Get This VIRUS NOW! It is of critical importance.

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I am flabbergasted that of the millions of medical professionals, of the 10's of Billions of dollars spent, the Trillions spent to "counteract" the Virus.....that I have the best models and the best understanding of what is actually going on. 

Some guy literally sitting in his basement, can bring more understanding and more truth to the situation than the entire rest of the world combined.    The entire spectrum of science and media, and 24/7 coverage and breathlessness and barely a word of value coming out.

-------------------------------------------------- So here it is.

We need to rapidly stop the lockdowns in most areas of the country.   We are past the peak almost everywhere, but if we get too far down the curve before stopping the lockdowns.....

Then not enough people will get the virus, AND it will come back 2 or 3 times and we will be held hostage to this Virus for 18 to 24 months.

Did you get that???   We need people, especially young people to get this virus NOW.

We will not have any vaccine for 18 months they say....and even then I bet a huge percentage of people would refuse Bill Gates the only other way to win against this virus, is to get herd immunity, roughly 60% of people to get it.

Yes life is risky, and is in fact the leading cause of death.     Old and Morbid people are at large risk, but young people are at near zero risk.    We need to open up schools and colleges ASAP, and get people exposed before the virus diminishes too much.


Why has NO ONE in  the medical community, including so called experts in contagious diseases come out and said this SIMPLE FACT


Funny, my best work get very few views, this one just 21 views at BIN

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