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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Racine Wisconsin -- Maybe A Truth No One Can Handle -- And Why Did the Cali Doctors Exposing the "Very Few Deaths" Keep Mentioning Wisconsin?

stock here, been noticing a lot of mentioning of Wisconsin.   Then I noticed today that Wisconsin reported COVID deaths that blew away the prior day, spiking them out of the exponential decay model.

This spike was so outside that model, and EVERY  model which have all worked reasonably well, based on chosen exponent of .97 to .99, that I started investigating.   

This was beyond all models including all countries and all states.

This was odd.   I found 11 states in the USA all SPIKING LIKE A SOB, all yesterday and 10 of them were heavily obviously Blue states.    

Then I saw this writeup below.   Then I saw General Flynn evidence of being totally setup by the FBI, entrapment into a process "crime" of lying about something he never should have been asked about anyway.

More to come.  

Note: I live part time in Wisconsin, grew up here.  Racine was always kind of an odd town.   Not quite Milwaukee being a real town, not quite Kenosha with its bars, adult stores, cheese, and n'eer do well businesses.   Somewhere in between, and somehow money flowing in.

The moderators at Pizzagate and GreatAwakening have been exposed by members including @ababcb @manyx and @gamepwn -
They have now decided to ban any comments related to Racine after first claiming they don’t delete comments, and then claiming it’s not about Racine and it’s ok to post about Racine just anyone who does has to post them exactly how they want so they can control the narrative.
They tried one after another “sticky post” to manipulate everyone, and now have started a new one where they openly admit to deleting any comments related to Racine and banning any users who discuss Racine.
The Anon before Q was SenateAnon who said “keep digging into Racine” before they vanished.
Here is a comment posted there now that will surely be deleted.

Anons beware - the moderators are deleting any comments that expose The Truth.

Like this one:
Stop lying gatekeeper. This is all about Racine and The Truth you don’t want anyone to Know. Now you have been proven to be a liar, your only defense is ad hominem attacks, banning, downvoting and more lies. You want to take the ball away.
Watch this “sticky post” disappear soon like the others when your manipulating backfires.
@ababcb knows The Truth. They caught you in your lies. They aren’t the only ones who have.
Did Crensch lie about moderators ‘not deleting comments’ here? Yes.
Who created this Great Awakening subverse? It was Srayzie. She was also blackmailing users and manipulating both Pizzagate and GreatAwakening submerses. After this was discovered she created many alts herself to attack others. Isn’t that True?
Posts about Racine are not ok as @Gamepwn @ababcb @manyx and others found out.
A fake military operation behind a shadowy Chan poster named Q can ask questions and you follow it blindly, but when anyone else asks the most simple of all questions including the answers that all point to Racine, you can’t handle The Truth.
Do the Rothschilds live in Racine? Yes.
Is the community controlled by pedophile community leaders? Yes.
Have recent mayors been arrested for child sex crimes? Yes.
Are other mayors openly admitted members of secret societies? Yes.
Was SenateAnon the main Anon before Q who said “keep digging into Racine”? Yes.
Was Sustainable Racine a key foundation and model for the Earth Summit and Agenda 21 / 2030? Yes.
Is Racine where Trump made The Deal for the 8th Wonder of the World that no one seems to know what it is? Yes.
Is the NXIVM doctor Robert’s family from Racine? Yes.
Are Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer and Robert Byrd members of the Knights of Pythias connected with NXIVM and Racine? Yes.
Did Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders publicly endorse a billion dollar referendum that narrowly passed after extreme confusion regarding the recent election? Yes.
Is the I-94 Project a cover for extreme human trafficking in the area? Yes.
Is Wisconsin connected to CERN? Yes.
Did Hanx quote a League of their Own recently that has ties to Madonna and Racine? Yes.
Was the last submission made by @Jem777 about going “into the heart of darkness” to Racine? Yes.
Did the Voat rules change recently to force users to create an account to view the subverse content? Yes.
Was Paul Ryan the most powerful man in Congress for nearly a decade and did he suddenly resign at the peak of his career after the Tarmac meeting? Yes.
Did @gamepwn start investigating Racine and receive death threats? Yes.
Did @TrustTheTruth share The Truth about Racine and get banned for doing so? Yes. Do you now use excuses like “sock puppet” accounts because you ban every account?
Do you know TrustTheTruth was not a bot yet label the bans as one regardless? Yes.
Did Srayzie and Shizy ban users from the GreatAwakening after being exposed on Pizzagate? Yes.
Has @ababcb provided links and proof that everything shared about Racine for years is True and easy to verify? Yes.
Did Argosciv admit to Satan worship and blood drinking after posting a long series of nonsense about Racine? Yes.
Did members of the Pizzagate subversive investigating Racine receive death threats and died? Yes.
No one has ever been able to disprove any of The Truth shared about Racine for years, well before Q ever began.
Do you hunt Moloch, or do you worship and protect Moloch from The Truth?
Do you know that Hillary and Bill Clinton’s model for Community Policing is Racine, Wisconsin?
Do you know that the “New Bauer” family led the Wisconsin DNC and Clinton’s presidential campaign, and that Clinton appointed the Johnsons to the President’s Council on Sustainable Development?
Do you know who Trump appointed to the Advisory Council on Science and Technology?
Do Q and Trump not know they made Deals with Luciferian pedophiles?
Did you read the Bates College interview where Tony Podesta admits to getting his “big break into art and politics” after meetings in Racine?
If you are “hunting Moloch” and truly believe that Jesus Christ is your Savior and that Jesus Christ and The Truth are The Only Way, why don’t you publicly admit that and Repent Now for everyone here to see?
We will all wait for your response.

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  1. Racine has Daisy's largest North American settlement outside of Greenland. Many local bakeries featuring pastries are featured on the food network.


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