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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Real Virus? Sure SARS-2, Fake Narrative All About Abuse Of Power

stock here, I will do a USA DDD Chart a bit later.


Right now anyone looking out for the good of the American people, and with knowledge of how epidemics and vaccines work....should be stating the following.   And the fact that they are not speaks volumes.    It is negligent manslaughter.

1) We should open up and finish the school and college season.

2) We need to achieve "herd immunity" where roughly 60% have been exposed.  I wrote about this on April 9th and opined that it seemed the "cases" must be 50 times what we think they are.


3) Because this will come back put us through the same wringer again, maybe several times

Why the rush?

4) Because no vaccine will be available for around 18 months, AND because the vaccine for this type of SARS is actually quite dangerous.    In test subjects who got a SARS vaccine and were then "challenged" with the actual virus, many had horrific outcome with an overblown immune response that was often deadly.   See Link at 10)

Sum it vaccine anytime soon, vaccine quite dangerous anyway.   Herd immunity is the only smart move.
 5) In the early weeks, I calculated an R-naught of 14 to 16, right in the range of measles.    It jumps very well.   I stand by these numbers.    

6) Most people have absolutely no symptoms.   I had the strangest 1 day flu in late January after returning from Hawaii Jan  15th.    Lot of Chinese visitors to Hawaii.

7) The infection rate was guesstimated by me, a few weeks back, to be 50 to 200 times what we think it is.   That is a good thing.   We need 180,000,000 people in US to have this to have Herd Immunity.

8) Crushing the curve is a stupid, irresponsible meme.   Cities that did that in the Spanish Flu, had much worse double humps.   The proper goal is to not overwhelm the medical system, and we are well within that goal.

9) We need to infect young people ASAP, before the summer heat wipes out this SARS-2 virus, which inactivates (dies) quickly at 82F, and before we are so far down the curve that adequate infection is no longer possible.

10) THIS IS THE JUICE about the dangers of a SARS vaccine.

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