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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Misinformation on SARS-2 Continues. But Italy Peak Cinco De Mayo, USA end of April or a Bit into May

The misinformation regarding SARS-2 start with it's name.

It appears to be a totally intentionally effort to muddy the waters, to create uncertainty, and with that uncertainty, fear, anger, blame. And also, causing people to take actions that result in sub-optimal results.

We know a lot about SARS, from massive amount of research after the 2002/2003 events.  

It would also be remiss to not point out, that the excessive hype from all of Main Stream Media is also targeted in a continuing campaign to "get Trump"

The actions  to "Get Trump" will result in misinformation, fear, sub optimal actions being taken, and real information being marginalized, including the use of useful drugs that can wipe out the Virus before other medical intervention is required.  

Those who are using this to "Get Trump" are performing the equivalent of manslaughter.

There is also a group of normally "waken" (which is the opposite of woke) who rail against any claim that this is bad, a pandemic, they call it a "hoax" or it's "nothing" or it's "just the flu"

To add fuel to this fire Fauci just on March 26, 2020 Co-authored a paper in which he pot shotted "If on assume that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases, the case fatality rate may be considerable less than 1%.     In so many words he then says this would be more like a severe flu.

This is horrifically irresponsible.

The 1957 Flu Pandemic ("bigot like" coming out of China of course)

Past pandemics have a history of both being large, but with older people protected by a vast "immune experience".

The 1957 Pandemic is said to have killed 70,000 in the USA.  

In light of current events with SARS-2, and the obvious higher kill rate with older people, the 1957 Pandemic saw old people with a strong immune history protection.

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