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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Trump Blows The Heads Off The Liberal Media Machine -- By Showing Them Video Of Their Own Revisionist History

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I prefer to make the news, but once in a while something so awesome comes around that I just have to archive it.

This author hits a nail on the head.

It is why we see the co-opted by the cultural marxists, the neo liberal state as a state of insanity.

It has been obvious for quite some time that they are totally hypocritical, but it goes beyond that.

For them it is necessary to not just rewrite history, but to also believe it in their heart of hearts (aka heart of darkness)

And they just hate it when you throw their own contradictory words back at them. But video is an even more effective measure.

Here  is a pretty good timeline of how the WHO intentionally mishandled the SARS-2, a Table or
graphical timeline would be far better.    But it's OK -- And revisit in a few weeks, and for sure the embattled WHO will be trying to rewrite history.


Trump's masterful use of that video during the daily national emergency briefing absolutely destroyed the Democrats & Fake News Media's talking point that he ignored/didn't do anything in the early days of the pandemic.

Karl of ABC News was reduced to sputtering that he DEMANDED to know who produced that video because it looked like Trump had just played a CAMPAIGN VIDEO during what was supposed to be a national emergency briefing, not a campaign rally.
The worst dirty trick anybody can ever play on Democrats and the DNC Media Complex [but I repeat myself!] is to PLAY THEIR OWN WORDS BACK TO THEM.

The Memory Hole is very **real** to the Left. It's how they FUNCTION. They can't **function** without it.

Events MUST be forgotten.
Their cool new talking point over the past month is that Trump did not take any real action to stop the spread of this virus in the early days. Pelosi's even started a fun new committee to 'investigate' what this President knew & when he knew it & why he didn't DO SOMETHING!
This vital new talking point, around which they have centered their entire RESPONSE to President Trump & his National Emergency Team, depends on people NOT KNOWING what actually happened less than 3 months ago.

Not knowing or being willing to NOT REMEMBER.

Long thread coming.
When I say being "willing not to remember" that might strike you as being exceeding strange, but I've been observing the Left for well over 40 years at this point. I am 56.

Before they set out to brainwash everyone else, guess who these people brainwash first?
They brainwash THEMSELVES first.

By rigid conditioning of their own minds.

See, there's a belief out there that while the base, the people at the bottom, are all brainwashed zombies, the TOP people are Machiavellian commanders, cognizant of the truth.
That's actually backwards at this point.

Only the most FERVENTLY BRAINWASHED PEOPLE rise to the top of the DNC political/media machines.

If you've noticed dealing with these people is like dealing cultists, you are not alone.
You can't be a committed, avowed, activist Leftist in the politics or the media unless you have TRAINED YOUR OWN MIND how to handle the Truth when confronted with it.

You see people like Pelosi, Schumer, and many of these media reporters do this all the time.
And the reason Orwell's novel 1984 is the bane of all actual fascists and totalitarians is because no other literary work ever so succinctly and clearly explained why THE PAST is so important to controlling the present and shaping the future.
And Leftism is all about lying about the past.

They literally have to, in order to continually SHAPE THE PRESENT MOMENT to their advantage.

So, the Memory Hole is very real and very NECESSARY to these people.

They MUST have it.
And when I say "Memory Hole", let's be clear what it is:

It's their version of events. They not only just deny certain events took place; if they do admit it, only THEIR version of that event is allowed to be discussed or held as being true.

Nobody else's.

When you deal with the Progressive Left, you are dealing with an organized movement that is literally rewriting past history at every moment. The moment something happens, The Party decides how it "really" happened and their version of it is the only official version.
Let me tell you why these people HATED Andrew Breitbart with the white hot passion of a thousand suns.

He showed Conservatives **how to take The Memory Hole away from the Left** by confronting them with the "wrong version" of the past.
A big part of the role of the New Media that Andrew played such a big part in building is that he was the trailblazer who recognized the crucial role The Memory Hole plays on the Left.

As I said, and I'm going to STRESS this: they CANNOT function without it.
They WANT that Memory Hole. They NEED that Memory Hole.

All their talking points they are using TODAY are exposed as lies IF people remember what was said as little as two weeks ago.

So they can't have that.
And time and again when they were right in the middle of pushing a vital new talking point to try to control the national conversation on a particular issue, here came Breitbart with AUDIO AND VIDEO playing back for them what actually happened previously.

He brought THE PAST.
Andrew said this repeatedly over the years, people remember him saying it, but I don't think they fully grasp WHY he was saying it:

"The dirtiest trick you can play on a Leftist is to play their own words back to them."

WHY is it a dirty trick to these people?
Because you are literally dealing with a cult that creates it's own version of The Past in order to shape The Present so they can maintain and expand their power.

It's all about power, and holding on to it.

These people have raised rewriting history to an art form.
When they did not have a New Media to contend with, The Left could mostly rewrite history how it saw fit and shape the present national dialogue on most issues.

Only their version of the past was seen in the public square.

The internet & rise of New Media changed all that.
Shaping the present to protect/expand their political power can only be done if you have absolute control over the past.

This is not theory. I'm about to give you concrete example of these Progressive Leftists doing this since January of this year.
People who've shaped their own minds to instantly discard anything that conflicts with The Party's version of events suffer a brain lock when they are confronted with what I'll call The Real Past instead of The Party Past.

That's what Trump did to these reporters yesterday.
The Progressive Left in the Democratic Party and the DNC News Media Complex [but I repeat myself!] had already **extensively rewritten the history of the past 3 months** in order to shape the present political present.

This is their POWER to shape present events to their agenda.
All the real events that actually occurred had gone straight into The Memory Hole, and in the place of those real events, The Party had substituted their own fake version of the history, which they have spent weeks confronting Trump & his emergency team with at these briefings.
As @AlexpHSL shows in that video I linked in the first tweet of this thread, the cultists in the briefing room were absolutely INCENSED at watching THE REAL HISTORY being shown to them in that video being played right in their faces.

This is NOT the official Party history!!!!
When that video was over, and you saw the reporters in the room reacting to it, I want you to fully grasp what you are observing:

You're watching CULTISTS of The Party That Rewrites History throw a tantrum at being confronted with The Real Past & not The Party Past.
Most of that video was Trump & his team **playing the Fake News Media's own words** back at them with the DATES visible on the screen.

Why would the simple act of THAT piss these people off beyond measure, to the point Karl angrily calls this a huge breach, a violation!
Karl angrily demands to know why Trump is playing a CAMPAIGN VIDEO at a serious national emergency briefing.

And Trump lets him have it.

Trump has to do this because the lying Democrats & the lying DNC Media [but I repeat myself!] are LYING to the public during this pandemic.
The Fake News press has spent the past month and a half relentlessly trying to substitute the Real History of what happened in the early days of this pandemic with their own Fake History so they can use the Fake History to attack this President during a national emergency.
And Trump completely blew up the Fake History they had so carefully constructed and relentlessly pushed for the past 45 days by bringing The Real Past into the press briefing.

Here's how you know what Trump did caused these cultists massive mental anguish. See next tweet:
In a FIVE MINUTE PERIOD after Trump had just played that video that demonstrated The Real History that completely blew up the Fake History their network had been relentlessly pushing for weeks, here's what CNN put up on the screen.

I want you to pay particular attention to #3.
That's right.

The people who spent 45 days furiously rewriting The Real Past so they could construct A Fake Past that they could use to control The Present Moment & make this President look like a massive liar accused HIM of doing what they've been enthusiastically doing.
As @AlexpHSL points out, if Trump had just gotten up and read from a timeline, quotes from MSM TV hosts or top Democrats while giving the dates, the reporters in the room would just mock him and dismiss it as lies.

But in video form...watching & listening to their own networks?
That is why the video is so powerful.

The President of the United States of America confronted the History Rewriting Cultists with The Real History...their OWN Real History, not the fake history they manufactured to try to seize control of the present moment.
There's a moment in the film "Labyrinth" in which young Sarah is being entreated by the Goblin King to surrender herself to him, all his previous tricks have failed and that's the moment she finally defeats him forever by coming to a sudden realization:

"You have no power over me!"
Like The Goblin King [played to perfection by the great late David Bowie!], the Fake News Media and their political masters have only one real trick they use to get and keep influence and POWER over others.

They convince you THEY HAVE IT.
And once you SEE THROUGH the deception, that trick never works on you again.

So if you want to know why these people can't beat Trump, it's because he learned to see through this History Rewriting Cult's one trick decades ago.
Once you realize what a **crucial function** The Memory Hole plays for these cultists, you can have endless amounts of fun confronting them like a true Happy Warrior does, with their OWN WORDS and ACTIONS in video and audio and written form.
There is a word we've come to use to describe the kind of history rewriting the Progressive Left is having to do these days.

See, this process used to be *gradual*. It used to be done slowly, over time, a period of weeks, months, even years.

But not in the digital age.
In the digital age the History Rewriting Cult has to start it's work INSTANTLY and it has to produce it's New History to replace the Real History very quickly.

The word we've come to use to describe this frantic process is "gaslighting".
And what this President did yesterday, through one simple act, playing a video of the Democrats & DNC Media's own words about the pandemic in the early days with the dates establishing the time line, is that he utterly destroyed their frantic gaslighting.
Here's why they hate us: They relentlessly use The Memory Hole.

We don't.

We're not going around actively conditioning our own minds to 'forget' anything that contradicts what The Party is saying TODAY.

We don't think or behave this way.

They do.
This is why they have such an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE to being confronted with The Real Past instead of the Party Approved Past.

You are destroying their PROGRAMMING.

And trust me on this, a lot of effort & time goes into creating that programming & keeping it in place.
This is why when they realized **what the President was doing** with that video he was playing at the daily press briefing yesterday, PUTTING IT RIGHT IN THEIR FACES as the entire country was watching, people at CNN were literally losing their minds in absolute rage.
I said long thread, didn't I?

Here's the next section of it:

Why the great rage at having the Party History ripped up in front of their faces? What is actually being attacked by this that strikes to close to home that it provokes this reaction?

And the answer is this:
The Cult That Relentlessly Rewrites History does this to maintain one simple truth which nobody can ever be allowed to touch.

The self-image zealot Leftists have of themselves. Their own inner concept of their being the most moral, superior & perfect beings in existence.
The effort that goes into maintaining this self image of themselves is considerable.

And when you destroy the Party's version of The Official History or something like "Trump's Pandemic", you are also touching their self-image.
I've been fascinated by watching this dynamic in play for 40 years now, so back in 2012, I wrote this long think piece about what I dubbed "Liberal Pathology".

Draw and STRIKE!
Understanding Liberal Pathology I I first ventured onto the Internet in 1993 in the days of Compuserve, when America On-Line was ki...
Individualists and strongly independent people don't thrive on the Progressive Left for very real reasons, which I go into at length in that article.
From that 2012 column:

"Progressives are not individualists; they seek Herd membership and status among the Collective is established by displaying love of conformity.

This is why groupthink commitment to The Accepted Group View is so vitally important to the Left."
You are dealing with people who are very susceptible to the politically correct methods of controlling thought, behavior and speech who are taught from the time they join 'the Herd' to self-condition their own minds to believe whatever Big Brother is saying TODAY.
What Big Brother was saying yesterday, a week ago or God forbid, a full year ago is irrelevant.

What Big Brother was saying a week or a year ago does not help shape the present moment & help Big Brother maintain power & influence over The Party.
When you watch the reporter's actions after having been made to watch that video of The Real History that totally destroyed Big Brother's version of what happened, you are literally watching brainwashed people fighting to preserve their Party identity.
These are people who seek Herd conformity, who's rise to the top was based on their constantly **demonstrating** their fealty to Big Brother through their having developed assiduously the ABILITY to forget the past and enthusiastically endorse whatever the Party Line is TODAY.
If it sounds like I'm describing the fanatical Communist apparatchiks under Stalin or the zealots waving around Mao's Little Red Book, that's because today's Progressive Left comes from the same philosophical movement, although until very recently they vehemently denied this.
Brainwashing yourself to be a good little Communist isn't just for the devotees of Lenin or Mao or Che any longer.

Much of the Progressive Left in America today came up through an academia steeped in the philosophy of the Frankfurter School & Marcuse.
Being in America, the committed Communists had to be **CLEVER** about how they went about subverting American institutions.

They went after US academia first.

Cultural Marxism: The origins of the present day social justice movement, and political correctness.
Those who have engaged me and others in political discourse may have heard one of us bring up “Cultural Marxism”, but not provide a clear explanation as to what it is and where it comes from. I’m…
Today the Progressive Left has so successfully taken over US academia students are taught to shriek like banshees at anybody who publicly expresses wrongthought that challenges The Party's Official GroupThink.

They are training students to be Donald Sutherland in that movie.
Every single reporter that reacted emotionally to that video yesterday came out of that academic system, has spent likely decades of their lives **training their minds** to enthusiastically love whatever Big Brother is saying today & memory holing the past.
That's why you notice them reacting so EMOTIONALLY to the video presentation.

They can't hide it and they are certainly not faking it.

It hit them **right where they live**. Right in the center of their own self-image.
And remember, the hate they have for people who do this kind of thing to them, who so completely and totally blow up their gaslighting in a way it completely exposes their Big Brother to mocking, ridicule and THE TRUTH, that hate is very real.

I've seen it.
Let me remind you just a bit how the Progressive Left reacted when Andrew Breitbart died.

They literally danced on his corpse.

Here's just one of the reasons nobody misses Gawker.…
I watched this unfold for DAYS after his passing.

Liberals celebrate death of Andrew Breitbart
As news broke this morning of the tragic death of conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart, liberals celebrated the news on Twitter.
I will never forget it.

Taibbi: Douchebag Andrew Breitbart Is Dead
Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage
They were really really hoping the New Media was so dependent on him, it would flounder and collapse without him.

Fat fraking chance, you losers.

Did Andrew Breitbart’s Death Fell the Right-Wing Blogosphere?
James Wolcott asks whether Andrew Breitbart’s shocking death at 43 has left the conversative online-pundit community permanently floundering.
Let me tell you something.

You **wound** these people on a very deep and personal level when you **will not let them have their precious memory hole**.

When you **do not let them rewrite the history** they are desperate to rewrite.
You'd better be prepared to be hated if you are going to spend your career pulling stuff out of that Memory Hole and confronting The Cult That Rewrites History with the Real Past instead of the Fake Past they've been working so hard to create and sell to the public.
Well I'll tell you this.

Trump isn't scared of these guys. He **welcomes** their hate. Because he very clearly sees the DAMAGE these people have been doing not just to this country, but to the entire world.

And he's not putting with it.
And neither did Andrew and neither am I.

I'm a Happy Warrior, pulling the Real History out of the Memory Hole and rubbing their faces in it every chance I get.

I'm going to HELP the President fight this cult.
As these losers frantically try to rewrite the history of stuff that happened just weeks or even days ago, I'm going to be right there blowing up their gaslighting with the truth.

You may have noticed **what** they have to try to gaslight about is getting even more difficult.
During this pandemic the entire COUNTRY is focused on this, watching the briefings.

The Cult That Rewrites History would **prefer** to do most of Big Brother's work when nobody is watching or really paying attention.

But they are constantly being forced into the open.
These cultists are not used to having to frantically work at rewriting history & then rushing out the gaslighting version at such a fast pace while people are WATCHING THEM.

It's incredibly awkward, you see. They keep having to go FASTER AND FASTER.

People tweet at me I'm wrong, it's all about the money. The ideology doesn't matter.

Well bullshit.

Even as these companies are bleeding BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in lost ad revenues & losses, they don't change direction.

It **is** ideology.

You are wrong, I'm right.
If ** money ** was the driving factor, many of these networks would have pursued ratings long ago and started sailing in another direction.

CNN is now an utter ratings joke. Where's the profit coming in from now? They don't even place a show in the top 20 most nights.
Again, go back watch the video in the first tweet, carefully observe how professional media reporters from the top news networks **reacted** to what Trump showed them in his video clip.

That emotion is REAL.

They are not faking it.
These people are cultists who have conditioned their minds to only love what Big Brother tells them to say today.

And Big Brother says Trump didn't take any real action to address the pandemic early on in January and into Feb.
And they reporters had a REAL EMOTIONAL RESPONSE when President Trump used that video to pull Big Brother into the room, BITCH SLAP him, kick in the balls, jump on top of him and kick the living sh*t out of him before driving him from the room in total humiliated defeat.
Kind of like this, when you think about it:
So firmly understand the **nature of the enemy you are facing**.

This is a cult who's own members brainwash themselves to only accept Today's Narrative which is based on The Party's Official History which they wrote themselves to replace What Actually Happened.
You are dealing with people who have deliberately warped their own minds because it's the only way they can do what they do for a living.

They truly do love Big Brother.

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