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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

USA Virus Data Shows US Rocketing Down in Deaths, By May 1, Just 92 Deaths a Day

stock here.  added Michigan at bottom
This looks really good for USA.    By May 1, just 92 deaths a day, down from 2400.    And we know they are "juicing" the count.

The democrats are very upset that things are improving so quickly.    They loved the gob smacking power trip.     Now they will create whatever chaos they can, I kind of expect a mass shooting, it's really the only thing in their playbook at this point.

They will pretend that nothing can open up until we get near universal "testing".

Click for a larger, clearer view.

The governor of Michigan is a real piece of work.

She will not even state any plan to "re-open the state" even though by a week from now, they will be fabricating deaths to even get up to 25

Just accidents and strokes alone in Michigan account for more deaths that that.

Add in Cancer and Heart Disease and that puts daily deaths at 6 times that rate.    


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