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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Washington DC Mayor Is Trying to Kill The City, Even Though Data Shows Them Out Of The Woods

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Washington DC has one of the best data sites, with 2 obvious places that you can download.

Which is funny, because they have the most Draconian lockdown, in spite of the evidence pointing

that they are soon out of the woods.   Mayor is thinking their peak is in July!!!

Governor of Michigan is also trying to see what power she can wield, willing to kill her state and people in order to maybe look good as a VP candidate.

So I am surprised that they would be so forthcoming with data that disproves the outrageous stuff that their mayor is saying.    She is thinking a peak in early July.

So even though they have great data presentation, the data itself is all over the board.   Either they are just way overwhelmed, doesn't seem like it should be, 

In normal times DC sees about 15 deaths per day, so now they are averaging 4 lately.

But did you notice the -2 deaths reported one day?   Anyhow for peak analysis, we will use cases as a proxy as there is alot more data.


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