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Saturday, April 18, 2020

We Now Have Politicians Delaying USA Restart, and Using Excuse of Data Driven, RAFL! We Trust You Not

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No time to explain, but the fact that NO ONE is talking about the RAMIFICATIONS of herd immunity in the absence of a vaccine, makes it very clear that NO ONE effing gets it.

A "perfect opening" would consist of young people immediately going back to full operation....we want them to get this, it is imperitive.   Then a week later, mix in the 50's people who want to go back, but not ones with severe underlying conditions.  

Unless we achieve herd immunity, this virus and the asshole politicians that be, will hold us all hostage for another year and a half. 

Here is an article, on his 6 point plan.

Their data sucks, it has to do with the reporting process.   that makes it harder, but I can throw down based on 40 days and 40 nights of "reign".

If you click you get a bigger and clearer view to read the dates.


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