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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Wins of the Day -- Top Stories That Shows the Good Is Winning

Some awesome patriot is putting in massive effort of finding and compiling the great news of the day to show that the good peeps of the world have wins to show.

I am going to replicate them here every day I can until he or she build their own website. 

h/t Anon Mega!


  1. US Govt believes it has proof that COVID-19 originated from Wuhan lab rather than wet market, and was worked on at that lab in order to compete with the US
  2. Simple non-invasive saliva test approved by FDA
  3. CA Governor Newsom throws $125 million of taxpayers’ money at illegal immigrants
  4. NYC “revises” cause of 3,700 deaths as COVID-19 deaths … the new total allows for more funding
  5. Trump trolls Pelosi by tweeting about her “come to Chinatown” moment which she had thought she effectively purged from the internet
  6. COVID-19 timeline exposes many of the hypocritical comments by Dems
  7. Trump reached out to all GOP Senators to form group to help restart the economy – he omitted Romney
  8. Trump reveals 18-page Opening Up America Again guidelines
  9. Ex-NYT reporter warns that it’s obvious Dem governors are pivoting to broadcasting panic over a possible “second wave”
  10. More declassified footnotes in FISA report reveal the extent of the coup against Trump and extraordinary FBI/DOJ steps to cook the narrative
  11. Sally Yates personally authorized overseas surveillance of Carter Page
  12. Hunter Biden is STILL on the board of Chinese company even though he vowed to resign 7 months ago
  13. Proof of CA voter fraud, double-voting
  14. Ilhan Omar’s deception and corruption train continues to roll – she married the guy she denied having an affair with, and now we learn 40% of her campaign funds were funneled to his firm
  15. Kim Jong Un – for the first time – mysteriously misses NK’s most important political holiday honoring his grandfather

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