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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Wins of the Day

  1. Boom. DOJ unseals, receives guilty plea and payment terms from Israel/Swiss bank that enabled US citizens to evade taxes, launder money
  2. Only 24% believe Biden is telling the truth about sexual abuse allegations
  3. Biden accuser willing to testify under oath
  4. Strzok stopped FBI from closing Flynn probe despite all involved saying no signs of illegality, just days before Trump took oath of office
  5. Trump considering bringing Flynn back into Administration, will be exonerated “one way or another”
  6. Roger Stone’s custody order delayed 30 days, doesn’t have to go to jail today as planned
  7. Houston nursing home treated all residents and staff preemptively with HCQ + zinc + z-pack; only one death in the entire population
  8. Italian study of 65,000 people using HCQ shows ZERO deaths and no ICU hospitalizations and only 20 total COVID-19 infections
  9. Dem Governor Pritzker (Illinois) skips his own shelter in place order to fly his family to Florida, refuses to discuss it because “family matters are private”
  10. Obama goes golfing right after Michelle had urged everyone to stay at home
  11. Judicial Watch sues Pennsylvania over 800,000 inactive voters still on voter rolls
  12. Fear of virus spread if voting is done in-person? Wisconsin’s 400,000 in-person voters had a total of only 52 infections, obviously not all from voting, and zero deaths among them

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