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Monday, May 25, 2020

Amazing Polly Investigates Contact Tracing -- Beware The Contact Tracers

Wow this story got a boat load (thousands) of hits via Before It's News.   See screen cap at far bottom.

Seems this Spying in the guise of "healthcare" is already a raw zone for many people.   And it should be.

Amazing Polly breaks down how there was already the formations of Contact Tracing companies and they were formed and funded by shady entities that are involved in other nefarious activities too.   The usual cast of characters.

Also the X22 Report, I have seen before, he breakdown current happenings, as related to this Plandemic.     I'll add to the story soon.   For instance, we now use Zerohedge as a tell for the narrative.  

Saw yesterday, and it still posts high in their playlist.....

Virginia Reports Record Jump In New Cases Two Weeks After Reopening: Live Updates 

 But when you look at the data, a different story emerges, that of the "Dump and Pump" Spike routine.    More on that later.


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