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Saturday, May 2, 2020

As of Apr 11, Verified CDC Document Shows 11,356 COVID DEATHS

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I saw this document on the net yesterday, but couldn't verify it was really from CDC

I did verify it this morning.

11,356 COVID Deaths, from CDC

This is the referenced document location.    It took 3 times to download, the first 2 times it showed complete KB download, but it wouldn't complete and become a clickable document.

Click on the image for a larger version

This post already got pretty long in the tooth, but it's a good one.   Because even with "Establishment Data" my point is still proven.   At least read the blue highlight below.

I will do a followup post, and look at the USA DDD curve (Delta in Daily Deaths, a custom product I created, and will throw down, I have the best model in the world.   Why is that?)  And then extrapolate the presented data to the present.

For now, I conveniently pulled this from the 42 page CDC doc, linked below.   

As of May 1, There were 20,963 Reported COVID deaths in USA, Outside of New York
So we know a few things, CDC has been "padding" the numbers out of the gate, but has done more padding lately.     Yesterday, we caught them red handed adding

Here is another "Weekly summary" issued May 1, 2020 from CDC which also took several times to actually download.   42 Pages.

A salient point which has been crossing my mind....all of this points to an inescapable conclusions, regardless of potential evil intent, does not overshadow the complete incompetence and failure of Big Gov and Big Med.    Partly due to the erratic data, and way overly complicated methods and ambiguous methods of presentation, the CDC successfully obscures the real truth.   Failure to have systems that can give real data in real time is just a horrific failure of all of the systems of medicine and government.

I find it hard to grok that "Wild Italy" can present daily deaths and other stats, on a real time basis the next day, and never have to restate figures, but the USA cou
ld be in some cases, they claim, 8 weeks behind in reporting a death.   Are we to believe that something as critical as a human death is somehow relying on moving a piece of paper from say a hospital office in Delaware, to the CDC in one location?    Ever heard of Github?  Email, Databases?   LOL   The data fuckery is shameful. 

One clear "narrative" that was obviously being pushed, is that "It's Not Just Old People".    The reason for this, I believe, is because the most beneficial course that could have rolled out in mid April, being past the peak and the medical established was not overwhelmed, would be to get all the schools and colleges back in attendance.   This would have likely established herd immunity.    
But following the "best course of action" would 

1) Not do enough damage to society, 
2) AND it would not allow SARS-2 to return in fall to further upset the Presidential election, 
3) Get people mad at, basically Trump, for not handling things well, 
4) And encourage vote by mail and the obvious fraud potential possible with vote by mail.   

I wonder how many COVID dead people will vote by mail?
Any proof?  Well anedcotyl evidence such as the race baited 5 year old black girl who died in Detroit.  She complained of a bad headache a month earlier from her death.   They tested her for COVID (aka SARS) and sure enough it was positive.

After Skylar was admitted to the hospital on March 29, she developed meningoencephalitis, a rare complication of the coronavirus, which caused swelling of brain tissue and a lesion on her frontal lobe, her parents said.
Do I even need to explain the lie here?    Her initial complaint was headache?  She did NOT develop Meningoencephalitis AFTER being admitted to the hospital.    She had that from the get go.

Then they try to pimp the story with "medical journal support" that brain problems were a side effect of COVID.

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases on April 3 reported a case of encephalitis/meningitis in a COVID-19 positive patient out of Japan.
It is well known that there is a "Japanese Virus" that causes Encephalitis

So I am not buying it.   

Plus from the 42 page CDC May report, there own data show this narrative.    "Public" testing sites (gov controlled) showed a big increase in COVID in the young.    The public sites create the "narrative" that it would be dangerous to send kids back to school.    When in fact that would have been the smartest thing to do.

But Commercial Labs showed a steady decrease in COVID detection rates, across ALL age groups.   How obvious is that?

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