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Monday, May 4, 2020

Belarus and Sweden Did Not Lock Down -- And Their Charts Look, Well, Low and Normal

stock here: an astute reader got Belarus on my radar.   So I plotted along with Sweden.   Amazingly these curves totally look like normal distribution, a binomial if you wish.    Much more so than the tortured data from everywhere else.

I saw so few deaths I assumed it was like Luxembourg with 500,000 people, but they actually have 9.5M!

And Sweden did not Lock Down.    

Before we became Pandemic Pros, they fooled us, it sure looked like "you don't want to get this at any cost".   And if old or co-morbid, I think that still holds true.   

This looks a bit too suspicious, more than just a Bat thing that they decided to "not let any crisis go to waste".    I did Lock Down too....but with my homestead it really made little difference except not being able to go flirt with the girls at the local health club.  


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