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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Beware The Contact Tracers -- A Dodgy Gang -- Use These Phones With Removable Batteries

From ACD

26 May 2020 Jus' doin' my part as an Internet Information Node (I IN!)

For the redoubtable JIM STONE, of course.


  1. All are unlocked. 

  2. All but the first one are 4G. 

  3. All are android. 

  4. All are affordable. 

  5. All will work in the U.S. (but it has to be a carrier that uses sim phones, which is what you want anyway).

I made sure I listed ONLY the HIGHEST GRADE UNLOCKED phones in these price ranges, you can't get anything better for the price unless you agree to be tied to a carrier (which I'll never do again). I did not just do a lazy listing of the first cheap removable battery crap that came up. These are the good ones.

Removable batteries are a tricky thing, a nearly identical phone won't have a removable battery even from the same maker, if you order a different phone the battery probably won't be removable. I spent a fair amount of time ferreting these out.

Spend less than $50

(Keep in mind, this is a VERY cheap 3G phone from a half way decent maker. It will be slow but functional. The description does not mention the battery but I went through the questions until it was mentioned and there it said it was removable. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of morons that expect an IphoneX for less than $50 so the rating on this phone is bogus.

Spend about $50

for 4G, 13 megapixels, 2 GB ram, 32GB rom, A55 chipset (modern)

Spend less than $100

(this is not nearly as high spec as the BLU listed above, but it's an LG if that matters to you and it is not total crap)

Spend about $100

This is has similar specs to the $59 BLU and is probably a step up. Very good specs.

Spend less than $150 for an 8 core phone

this is the highest spec phone I could find with a removable battery. It is not mentioned in the description but the reviews say it is removable.

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