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Friday, May 1, 2020

Busted Red Handed! CDC Caught Padding 31,000 Death Numbers Into the Historical Records

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So basically, unless you were a total statistical tech geek, there is no way that you could have caught them with such blatant data manipulation.    I mean at least the climate warmistas try to cover their tracks with come kind of an excuse.

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They never thought that "she" would lose.   And they never thought that a citizen scientist would be archiving their data in real time.    BOOM.

Between 3-17-2020 and 4-21-2020 they added 31,891 Deaths into the "Record".   They did not reclassify them or something to that effect, they just made them up.

This deserves a congressional investigation.


On April 9th, I downloaded some data files from CDC, and did analysis on them and wrote an article, which is here.

I archived, an uploaded to Box so I could share the actual data with anyone who wanted it.

Here is the Excel (CSV actually, but saved into Excel) from box from that article
Above is the SMOKING GUN

The 5-1-2020 CSV Download, Saved at Excel, I added in the 3-17-20 data side by side from Week 40 to Week 17, so I could do math on the reported numbers.   The side by side comparison is in the image directly below, click on it for a larger view.

Only up to March 17th, There has been criminal manipulation of the Data Set,
by Adding in 31,891 Deaths

Noted that when I visited the site today, 5-1-20, that they had added a large "Disclaimer"  pop up window, and I copied that and put it at far bottom, for the record.

For the record, screen cap comparison of their chart presentation.

I have not vetted this source, and could not find this exact table on the CDC website, so take it for what it is worth.

stock here ---- this was added in sometime between 4-7-20 and 5-1-20


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