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Saturday, May 9, 2020

"Cases" Are A Bullshit, Misleading Metric. And The "Rules" To Open Up Are Based On Cases

They can fake Deaths, so how much more fudging of data can they do with Cases.

Now they want to have 14 continuously falling amount of cases, day over day with no spikes.....whist the number of tests is going up exponentially. 

I don;'t think that by any great margin that liberals are that much less intelligent than conservatives, although their inability to see and process cause and effect does limit their effectiveness in real life.

But why are all the liberals crushing their own states after first failing in the initial response?  

Why is it not TOTALLY OBVIOUS that our only way "out" in preventing a serious relapse (wave 2) is "Herd Immunity" and we best do that by getting a boat load of young people infected.

There is no vaccine, and there will likely be no "vaccine" unless there is some major medical
breakthrough that goes beyond just "good hard research" needs to be a real breakthrough.   The original SARS(1) never had a decent vaccine invented.    There was a wicked bad downside.

And vaccines always take more than a year, usually quite a few years.

So they are OK with a fall second wave, possibly worse.

Why are they willing to kill tens of thousands of Americans by this SARS Flu?   

Why oh Why, any ideas??

----------------------------------- CAbal LA times provides some truth to cover their lies.....

Today’s question comes from multiple readers who want to know: Would herd immunity help people who have not been exposed to the virus?

 Here’s what reporter Thuc Nhi Nguyen found.

Herd immunity describes a situation in which almost everyone is protected from a virus because enough of the population is immune, said Dr. David Eisenman, director of UCLA’s Center for Public Health and Disasters. If someone who has never come in contact with the virus and has never received a vaccine lives in a population that has herd immunity, their chance of contracting the virus is still low because they are surrounded by people who are protected from it. The virus can’t establish a chain of transmission.

“The idea of herd immunity is you don’t have to immunize everybody,” Eisenman said. Herd immunity is vital to protect those who are unable to be vaccinated, like the immunocompromised or those who are allergic to the vaccine itself.

However, Eisenman said, without a vaccine, the only way to develop herd immunity is to allow millions of people to contract the virus. “It would mean that a lot of people have gotten infected and sick, and if that were to happen over a short period of time, that would be devastating,” he said. “It would mean we couldn’t reopen our economy. It’s just not really feasible to get it if we want to protect ourselves.”

When it comes to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, we also don’t yet know how effectively antibodies, found in the blood of recovered patients, grant immunity against possible reinfection.
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