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Saturday, May 2, 2020

COVID Deaths As A Percent of All Deaths, By State (Hint, Its Really Low)

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As always, click on the images to get a better bigger view.

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here is the spreadsheet if you care to peruse


Many of you know me from back in the days when Fukushima took the spotlight.    We exposed so many truths of Fukushima, and the overall radiation industries.

So it was surprising for me to see hundreds of hits on my site coming from this US Government Site on Radiation, yesterday, when I broke the story on CDC severely padding the death numbers.

Without further adieu I think these charts need very little comment.    They are from current CDC data

For now, I conveniently pulled this from the 42 page CDC doc, linked below. 

As of May 1, There were 20,963 Reported COVID deaths in USA, Outside of New York

So we know a few things, CDC has been "padding" the numbers out of the gate, but has done more padding lately.     Yesterday, we caught them red handed adding
Here is another "Weekly summary" issued May 1, 2020 from CDC which also took several times to actually download.   42 Pages.

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