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Friday, May 22, 2020

Data Fuckery in Massachusetts

stock here.   I charted a bunch of states yesterday, and have requests for 11 more, LOL 11 is my number.

As always blogger sucks, but click for a large clear image, easy to read the dates.    

But look at Massachusetts, and especially the weird 7 day moving average.    10 States participating in the Apr 29 Spikefest.   It was planned at least a week in advance and coordinated.    All by phone call?    Must almost for sure be a group phone call, unless one party is creating the plan and then just distributing "orders".   Maybe they did it on Zoom.

This looks treasonous to me, what could their excuse possible be?   "Oh, we did it in an over abundance of caution, we figured it was better for people to be scared than dead."

New Hampshire, Very few deaths

New Hampshire -- Toughest model I have ever done.   Data all over the board.   I had to model based on the 7 day MA In Red, Model in Orange.    Look at the tabular data, they have to under report, and borrow deaths from the future to show the scary spikes. 

Florida, Gov Santos opened up very early.  

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