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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Disgusting Leftist Gov Holding Hawaii Hostage, ZERO Deaths in 21 Days, But They are Arresting Tourist Who Don't Stay In Their Hotel Room 24/7 for 14 Days

stock here.   Disgusting to see these stupidity and intentional destruction of a whole island.   

I would model the Hawaii deaths, but there haven't been any in 21 days.

I sat in on a few "Town Halls" with rep Tulsi Gabbard.    It is clear that they are just living in fear, they have no idea of the real risks.

2 people suggested that for tourists, they should consolidate everyone on an island into one or a few hotels, which could then be monitored with armed guards to make sure quarantine is not broken,  14 days!!    In jail, basically.   

If there were huge risks, this would still be illegal.    But with practically no risks, this is beyond any comprehension of irresponsibility.
Naholowaa Gramberg, a passing pedestrian, said he disagreed with the sentiment of protesters, especially after seeing COVID-19 case reports in Japan rise after many thought deterrence measures were a success.

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