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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Drug Dealer Cop In Minneapolis, Extorted To Commit Murder, In Order To Avoid Conviction On Overdose Deaths Caused By His Drugs

Some stuff that came out 4 days after I published my Hypothesis.

Here is a "Graphic link" you need to blow up to read, but some good stuff too


Floyd had a long rap sheet, not at all a "man of peace" including several drug offenses.   

The Muslim Attorney General of Minnesota got wind that a Minneapolis police was at the center of a large drug ring, and basically had a chat with said cop.....

Hey 3 people overdosed with the heroine that you been running, we are booking you for manslaughter one, but if you play this little act on video, you can't avoid going down for manslaughter 3, but depending on how the Nov election is going we might even let you off scot free if we
need to cause anti-fascist Trump riots.

And, you get to kill the guy with the violent criminal record who was trying to muscle in on your drug trade.    Bonus.

The Nuevo Rodeo where Chauvin and Floyd worked was not just an ordinary club.   See the patrons
above LOL.    Some very fine people.

In the comments on their still up Facebook page, 2 commenters mentioned that she was continuing to employee a known pedophile.

 2709 E Lake St, Minneapolis

Right across the street from Denny's and 
 African Paradise
2700 E Lake St, Minneapolis

The Nightclub was 1 block away from the 3rd Precinct which was burned to the ground.    After the Mayor told the police to evacuate the building.

I wonder what kinds of records or evidence was destroyed.

In April 2008, three people were shot outside of Denny's, right across the street from the nightclub. A story in the Longfellow/Nokomis Messenger connected the shooting to nightclub patrons, though police were never able to prove it.
"The shooting occurred and all of a sudden we were the bad guys," Santamaria says. "All of a sudden everyone was pointing their finger at us."
They were almost shut down in 2010, as detailed in this article.

The city compiled its case against the nightclub: a stack of 28 police call reports from 2008 and six from 2009. The city attorney on the case described the business as having "an inordinately high number of incidents of criminal behavior."

In August 2012 the Nightclub was again being investigated.   But some "off duty cops" testified in the Nightclubs behalf, and they successfully avoided being shut down, again!   I wonder what favors the owner had to give to said off duty police?   Like maybe turn a blind eye to the drug operation the cops were running at the Nightclub?

Interesting how the restaurant that Black Floyd worked at, was pretty overtly racist themselves.  

Note how after being almost shut down twice, they pandered to the politicians, too.

Especially the white, female, democrat mayor....Betsy Hodges

Hella timing!    She just sold the club "within a few months"

Interesting how high politicians daughters are supporting the civil unrest.

The timing of selling El Nuevo Rodeo "within months" is curious, just perfect before Corona hit and
all restaurants were shut down.      I mean Maya had a $450,000 mortgage on the place, would sure have been bad to have all cash flow, including the drug deals stopped all at once.

I will email the Liquor License board and see when their license was terminated and who holds the new license.  And call them on Monday.

Curious the County Advertising

No cop works for 17 years as a bouncer. 
To support his Beauty Queen wife, he was running a drug operation out of there. And complicit with the city, they threatened to take her liquor license twice, and Chauviz intervened to help her keep it.

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