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Monday, May 4, 2020

Gang Of 10 US Governors Conspire to Corrupt the Data and Create Fear In The Public: Terrorism

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But on 04-28-20 a bunch of US Governors got together and decided to spike the heck out of their death numbers.   Most "saved up deaths" from prior days, to slam them all at once.    A few saved up some deaths, but then spiked so hard they had to show "negative deaths" in subsequent days to true up.  

Look at the second chart, Wisconsin.   No place in the world has acted like that (except Canada last week in an apparent coordinated effort with the USA governors, lets call them the Gang of 10.

This coordinated "effort" had the effect of blowing away the entire curve of the USA (3rd chart)....apparently in an effort to get people scared of opening up (restoration of constitutional rights)

Gang of 10:
1) DE
2) NV
3) AZ
4) WI
5) NC
6) VA
7) PA
8) LA
9) IL
10) NJ 

Does anyone know what all these states have in common?   Please ask if you don't know.


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