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Monday, May 11, 2020

Georgia Opened on April 23, And Have Been Doing Perfect --- Stretch the Curve

stock here -- if you don't understand why there is almost no chance there will be a real vaccine, then

On 4-27-20 I wrote:

That said, we have a vaccine, and it is young people.     Having a hard time wrapping your head around that?

For young people, this SARS is actually not even as bad as the Flu.    It is a crime that schools did not open up in Mid April.    That would have almost guaranteed that we achieve herd immunity.

But smart states like Georgia and Florida are going to be in pretty good shape.  

The stupid states, that are trying to "crush the curve" after an abject starting failure (NY and NJ) are inflicting incredible pain and damage on their "subjects".   Flatten the curve is best when it fits my view....noticed in Italy many weeks back as they started to "open up".

I understand why our "leaders" in the health field are not telling us this.....because they are Hillary Loving, Trump hating "career" "servants" who figure that Trump is going to kill millions, so they are justified in killing say 1,000,000 to get rid of Trump.

So here is Georgia, pretty wacky jumpy data, so I apply 3 day moving averages and 7 day moving averages.   In order to make the model "work" I had to change the exponent, to 1.00 which is the same as a "linear decrease" which is perfect.

I put the Italy Example at far bottom.    Real Italians beat the daylights out of Deep State Italians like Jesuit Fauci.


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