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Friday, May 8, 2020

HCQ and Studies on Other Treatments for Flu / COVID

stock here, seen on the web, not medical advice.    I think in India HCQ is common and over the counter, other places too.

However, if I was going to take it, I would personally consult a doctor and let my relatives know in case anything funny happened.   That said, it appears very safe. 


HCQ 200mg 2X Daily - (400 2X 1st day)
Z-Pak 500mg 1X/Day
Zinc Sulphate 220mg 1X/D

plus Vit C 2Kmg, D @ 5K IU up to 60, 70K/D ( if needed ref. to medical opinion ), Copper 1-2mg/D
Key: Early diagnosis - Early treatment [sooner is better >6th day]. Recovery time = 4-6 days.
Treatment of severe symptoms and use of ventilator:

COVID-19 may cause pulmonary edema (fluid retention in the lungs).

Ventilator use and used settings in the treatment may indicate incorrect use.

Reports suggest that the patient is suffering from damaged lung tissue due to the respirator's air flow setting which forces the same amount of air in while the lungs are additionally filled with lliquid. The result is ruptured lung tissue (death).

If patients are hospitalized / diagnosed with pneumonia, add ceftriaxone to the treatment.

91% - Didier Raoult
98.8% -

20 clinical Hydroxychloroquine studie-conclusions from SARS in 2005 and today -

Hydroxychloroquine versus Remdesivir - An easy to understand quick view comparing the two. Includes info on how a small African country is beating Covid19 very inexpensively.

The real problem with #Hydroxychloroquine

- $0.63 per pill
- generic
- 11 US manufacturers

- $0.84 per pill
- generic
- 12 US manufacturers

- $1280 for 50mg
- on-patent
- 1 US manufacturer (Gilead)...

Dr. Zelenko:

"We’re being destroyed by an invisible enemy and yet the potential weapons we could use to destroy the enemy are not being given to us ( demonrat-controlled states, even though FDA has approved the use ) .

**Anyone who obstructs the flow of these life saving medications to patients are guilty of crimes against humanity, and war crimes."

Video interview source:
With all this, you are solid as concrete! :)

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