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Friday, May 8, 2020

HR 6666 Leftists Want $100,000,000,000 Dollars Under Cover of Covid To Provide "Quarantine and Vaccination" Services to You Right In Your Home

stock update.    I requested the text of the 6666 from a co-sponser, and amazingly they sent it to me.

It's on box, please download and spread!!!

HR 6666

These fine folks have sponsored this bill that purports to allow government to come test you at your "private residence" using mobile units.    This includes for contact Google reported that your were detected closer than 6' to another person passing in a hallway, and that person had 3 days prior , and therefore they may need to come into your private residence and say take a sample of your blood, or maybe "for other purposes" give you a vaccination as a preventative measure.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

True someone online said "dont worry, it will never pass the house"

But that is not the point.   The point is that they even think this is remotely OK. 

I asked one of the cosponsers to send me the text, that was not available at the gov website, a full week after the Bill was sent to Congress.    Amazingly, they actually did.

The bill is extremely general and that is almost always bad.

But here is the real doosey!   They are not setting up for government employee or even contractors to perform these "services" right in your home.  

They are structuring it as "Grants".   Free money given to non accountable mercenaries to invade your home.     This allows greater trangressions to occur.     You can't sue the government with it'sunlimited pockets.     You may be able to sue the Grantee, but they are likely to be some leftist organization, even a non-profit or a Foundation.  

See how that works?   It's pretty smart if you are an evil anti-American rights grabbing globalist cabal type of "person".

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