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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Italy is Not "Spiking" In Deaths, As MSM Would Like to Pretend!

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I was a little worried that Italy was up over 200 deaths, because for days they were below 200.  

But the model shows this is all within reason.

data from

I viewed the Italy data side by side compared to a week ago.    They have not changed a single number.

However, the CDC has changed just about every number.   It's just data efferey in order to cause some to stumble,, waste time, be confused, uncertain, and be a "get out of jail more likely" card in the future.  

It's very obvious and very intentional.   Shame on them! Good Golly Great Greta

Even in California.....
On Tuesday, San Diego county Supervisor Jim Desmond said after digging into the data that he believes only six of the county’s 194 coronavirus-identified deaths are “pure” coronavirus deaths, meaning they died from the virus, not merely with the virus.
According to a recent report from The Washington Post, leading voice on the White House Coronavirus Task Force Dr. Deborah Birx believes coronavirus-coded deaths are inflated by some 25%.

And Fauci is trying to sell the idea that deaths are vastly undercounted.     

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