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Saturday, May 2, 2020

No Vaccine Will Be Anywhere Near Safe -- SARS-1 had Vaccines Developed And They Had Horrible Effects

Sorry Bill Gates, you cretin.    You must know this already.

You must know that ONLY herd immunity is going to be the cure, and that we should be open for business, but quarantining the sick and the old. 

No vaccine is coming.   They stopped working on SARS-1 vaccines after bad results on test animals who were re-infected.

Don't expect any safe one anyway. 

This is the structure of the "corona" pop out part
Noted that SARS-1 flared up in 2003, but then disappeared in 2004
and never came back.

Primary research focused on the (s) Spike glycoprotein which the SARS uses to bind to and enter the host cell.  This is the spikey scary looking things (the corona).

Vaccines are of several types.

1) Live-attenuated
2) Inactivated whole virus
3) Recombinant viral vectors
4) DNA (which is kind of weird, because viruses use only 1 strand RNA)
5) VLPs (Virus like particles)
6) Soluble proteins 
7) RNA based

The ones is purple are the only ones that made it to clinical stage.   At least what we know of.   Perhaps the Chinese made more progress, as would be very valuable in a biowarfare scenario to have the cure for your own troops and work force.

Great article for basic knowledge, but they ignore the horrific immune response problem.

2005, this one looks good, but they want $51 to view it.   no go.

And therefore you must have other motives for pursuing a vaccine.

1) Chemical IDs for all Humans
2) Mandatory Vaccines
3) Global Depopulation

In 2006, Warren Buffet gave $44B to the Gates Foundation.   In 2016 Buffet asks the Gates to "reflect upon what they have accomplished".

In typical elite tone deafness, there response was kind of a joke.

More importantly, they fail to offer a single critical reflection on the work they have done.
This isn’t transparent, accountable philanthropy. This is the world’s most powerful foundation cherry-picking data to fit a good-news narrative to generate a sense of optimism they feel is sorely lacking.  Indeed, the letter more or less boils down to a single claim: “The world has been getting better over the past 25 years, and as long as we keep doing more of the same, it will continue to get better. Trust us.”

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