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Monday, May 11, 2020

Officer Anderson, FIRED! He Is The One Berating Officers That Would Follow Tyranical Orders, and Deprive Citizens of Rights and Privleges

stock here, awesome, there is a gofundme.

I didn't see this coming.    But with General Flynn off the hook, their is hope.    $50,000 is a lot, but just covers living expenses. 

What we need is a legal defense fund, first to bitch slap that police office, the mayor, to fully rat out the governor and sew the State and the Governor directly.   Then, investigate and prosecute several in the chain of command for this extremely important but prior to this, little known law.....

Meanwhile, Gretchen is just trying to save the live of a barber, by depriving him of his livelihood, and failing on every other support system for the guy.

Misguided small brained tyrants.

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