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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Oregon States "In Order to Avoid Anarchy....We Need to Tolerate Anarchy"

a lot of crap but i found the following in this article ...
Their definition of Essential Travel :

"Few state parks are open. People still can't stay overnight. And a phase one reopening means people are still supposed to avoid non-essential travel — meaning not traveling from the valley to the coast.
Their ADMISSION of guilt

"We understand that cabin fever is very real, but please wait just a little bit longer," Hall said. "Let us get through this safely. The beach isn't going anywhere."

Their fear of us :

"We have seven miles of open sand. We're not lacking in space," he said. "My only concern is that if we get completely inundated and had to shut down again, that would be anarchy.

the rational logical sounding answer to justify their taking away the Constitution :

"The reason the Oregon Coast was shut down in the first place was the fear of people from population centers spreading the virus, without knowing it, into a community with an older and more vulnerable population, and limited medical facilities. There are just 25 hospital beds each in Lincoln City and Newport. That fear hasn't really changed.
Their Control of the blind and deaf :

There remains no vaccine and limited treatment. And a spike in cases could be calamitous. "

Admission Nothing happened ,and (is this a threat / or fear inducing words ) if we fail to keep complying :

"The challenging thing is that we took all these measures and nothing happened, but that's really the point, that's a good thing," Lincoln County commissioner Kaety Jacobson said. "After all this sacrifice, you'd really hate to have a big uptick. We have to stay vigilant."

This is their own words... they themselves printed

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