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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Proof -- These Protests Are Funded By Soros' Son -- Our Enemies Call Themselves Friends of Democracy

stock here.    This looks legit.    I can't grok a conservative just creating these documents?

Video above shows a payoff.

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The NY Friends of Democracy reported only $25 of expenses in 2015, see link 

These relate to the Baltimore riots of 2015, in which Obama called them "thugs"

What do you think?   The 328 is a burner phone, BTW


  1. I think everyone is getting the idea the protests are salted with serious actors

  2. one thing ... I have skimmed through hundreds and hundreds of PDFs looking at NRC reports, police reports, FBI vault papers, Hillary e-mail and WikiLeaks docs and none (zip-o) of them ever have wrinkle marks, shape distortion, etc. as shown in these.
    I think they are faked.

    1. maybe they are, or maybe the publisher wanted to do this intentionally with real documents, to make them look more like they came from the field. Of course a scanner would make them look flat. But good caution.


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