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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Quick and Simple, The Young Are Our Vaccine, It Was Criminal Not to Open Schools

Herd Immunity, our most likely way out.    The Young are our herd vaccine.

The other possibility is that the virus just goes away.   Do we somehow get immunity without getting infected?   I wrote this down a week ago on my typical method of little yellow note pad.   I usually do something with those pads, take action or toss the top sheet, but this one kicked around for like a week, staring at me each morning.

It came back as I started what I though would be a 4 minute post.    What if a herd, through their collective conscious, or their collective unconscious, could share information vital to the survival of the herd.    The information on what type of T-cell to generate to create immunity and herd immunity.

The bed buddies of Washington State, Insley, and Gates and their "Vaccine" and mandatory tests should be looked at with extreme suspicion.   STORY HERE.

Oh, and let's throw down here.   The "social distancing" theory works, and makes some sense that you just stay away from people altogether, limit interaction.

But the 6' rule is pretty absurd.   Unless someone is sneezing or coughing you are not going to have fomides just 3.5' from one person to the next.   Circles drawn on park lawns....oh my!!!!!

WHO inadvertently admits that vaccinations won’t work against coronavirus


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