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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Semper Tyrannis: Hawaii Re-locking Down Parks (Beaches) Urging No Tourists To Come, Idiocracy

stock here: the idiocracy is not the decision making at the top (Gov Ige), it is that anyone else not in
the chain of the Cabal, and benefit stream from the Cabal, would even give a second thought to NOT FOLLOWING counter productive and unconstitutional orders.

Indeed all assets deployed, they will all be fully exposed.     Gov Ige takes marching orders, I assume from one point of order dispersion, and I assume that would be Adam Schiff as assisted by Pelosi.

The below must be viewed in the light that Hawaii has had ZERO Covid deaths, ZERO Flu deaths in 24 days, and only a dozen people even in the hospital.

Here is the real kicker for anyone paying attention.    I got it from a townhall I participate in about once a week with Tulsi Gabard and around 3000 Hawaiian residents.    She has 2 or 3 experts each weeks to discuss topics related to COVID.

Here is the weasly Chi-com loving POS Gov Ige

The medical expert yesterday (did not get the name) stated that they have been performing antibody testing IN BULK and had done 3000 in the last week.    18 of those 3000 had anti-bodies.

Do you know what that means?   No deaths, few in hospital, no new sources coming in, and NO HERD IMMUNITY.    


Hawaii Travel Update: New Closures, Restrictions For COVID-19

Visitors Asked Not to Come
Earlier this week, Governor David Ige “urged visitors to stay away” in an effort to curb the spread of the virus in the islands. Considering that tourism is the State’s number one economic driver, this announcement will bring considerable economic pain.
“These actions may seem extreme to some of you,” Ige said. “But taking aggressive actions now will allow us to have quicker recovery once the crisis is over.”


And look at the mixed messaging....the Honolulu Mayor tweets re-open a "multitude" of businesses.    

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