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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Spectrum, Abusive, Stupid Big Tech. Changed my Password And Did Not Tell Me

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My apologies, I have a handful of long term readers, friends at this point, who submit news stories that otherwise wouldn't hit my radar, and their own compiled news.    And I have been completely dissing them for 6 weeks because Spectrum.....just read.
Spectrum, deserves a strongly worded letter.    

After 3 hours on chat and technical support today, I finally got to the bottom of this.

After finally getting the accounts working, I questioned the tech support if he could see what happened.    I am surprised they admitted it.

ON April 13th they detected “unusual activity” on my email account,      But they failed to inform me that they reset my password, with out telling me.    

I have like 8 email accounts, and they go to different PST files, so it took a while before I noticed “no email”.     I tried to change my password as the simplest fix, but I also could not get into my Master Account which would allow changing the sub account.    Knowing what a waste of time tech support could be, and busy on exposing the lies and truths of the Plandemic, I ignored it.

On April 30th, they detected “unusual activity” on my email account (which was unused of course), so they say, and they changed my password again, and even though this happened twice, they still failed to notify me in any way.   The tech said that is their policy,  they “expect” that if a customers email breaks, that the first thing the customer will do is call for tech support!    Hell no….the first thing customer will do is spend hours trying to reconfigure the really user unfriendly Microsoft Outlook, which I did a few times.       Total waste of time.    And just why is it not automatic to send an email to the customers alternate email address, or better yet, make a call to discuss so that security issues, viruses, and that could be discussed?

This is the state of Big Tech.   I will be working on a 2020 Perfect Vision Citizens Bill Of Rights from protection of predatory and negligent practices of all electronic communications and data transmission.

One more insult to injury, they no longer allow a password to have 3 repeated letters or numbers, and they failed to tell anyone of this revised policy.   So multiple attempts to reset my passwords to the old passwords that are well in memory.....and finally I just tried a new password which then worked.

Stock out

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