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Friday, May 1, 2020

USA and Italy Model Updated for April 25 2020, Call It By the Right Name SARS-2

We are far past the peak, effectively 14 day past than the Daily Deaths.   And the Daily deaths is quite far beyond the peak.

They never created a "real vaccine for SARS".    Well they made one.....but when someone with the disease was "challenged" with the disease, the risk of a horrible outcome went way up.

The vaccine itself creates a horrible immune response, in some people, in which your body attacks itself.

We cannot count on a Vaccine, for 3 reasons:

1) It doesn't exist
2) Its far off, 18 months average
3) It will cause certain amount of people (say 10 to 40%) to be grave grave risk of inciting a horribly bad immune response.

We need to open up and create herd immunity, while protecting the old and otherwise vulnerable because of co-morbidity, because of 5 reasons

1) The reasons cited above, the Vaccine can be worst than the diesease for many people.
2) We could have 2 or 3 more waves of this, and they won't necessarily be better.
3) The places that "crushed the curve" in the Spanish Flu, often had more horrible results in the subsequent outbreaks.
4) The political response is far beyond just disfunctional
5) The medical response with an 80% death rate once on ventilator, is sadly misguided.

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