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Monday, May 4, 2020

USA Daily Deaths Plunge 3 Days In A Row! Even With Terroristic Data Fakes

stock here.  

The game is now really obvious.   The old spike fest by fudging the USA death numbers, in order to
inflict maximum damage to the USA and they hope, to the "right".

Noted just today, this data is compiled by "the Atlantic".    I did a bunch of State Charts yesterday per people's request.   One astute Anon from Washington state noted that another website did not have the same extreme spike that the site had. 

I have taken to saving the State level and USA level spreadsheets daily.    No doubt they will also alter the historic records.    I am sure they will reduce some old deaths and move them forward to justify their upcoming spike.

This is terrorism, plain and simple.   And it is illegal.    We have it all....well kind of, after we get Judicial Watch to get discovery.    We can then prosecute the enemy combatants.

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