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Sunday, May 3, 2020

USA Death Data Clearly Manipulated: They "Store" Deaths, and Then Data Dump to Create a New Spike

I rarely watch TV, but did catch both Birx and Fauci this morning. 

Click for a larger chart!

Without implicating themselves in a plot, they still try to crush the country as much as possible.

Birx is throwing out the "Rules" of no opening until 14 days of solidly declining deaths, no day higher than a previous.    14 days, exactly 2 know that was not scientifically chosen.

And look at the chart of Daily is totally obvious that they are manipulating the data to create scary spikes.   

It was a 4 day cycle on 4-6, 4-10, 4-14, but then they started running out of deaths to save up for a new spike, so they had to switch the cycle to 6 days of saving deaths, and then spike on day 7......
from 4-14, 4-21, 4-28

good eye though, anon. 

And now everyone is focusing on the "data" but without presenting any data, and without suggesting how they came up with numbers or models.    And certainly, you can never have the formula, that would be dangerous in the hands of lay people!!!!!

Ah, so using "Data" and then applying artificial "rules".  

And Birx finishes with the "if you decide to go into the open, and then you give the virus to your Grandpa or Grandma, you will feel guilty for the rest of your life."

Fauci, of course we have to remain fixated on the data, but you just can't go a LEAP OVER the guidelines.      Wait, if it is a guideline, a soft and pliable "rule" then how could we even leap over it?

I see what they are doing....trying to pretend that they didn't steer people into bad actions with "rules" or Laws or directives.....we just had guidelines, or protocols.     

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