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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Ventura County: Explains Plans, Using 1000's of Agents and Contact Tracing, To Remove People/Children/Toddlers/Babies From Their Homes And "Treat" Quarantine Camps

Folks, we are almost there.  

I went to get a COVID test today, seriously, after a complaint of sore
throat not going away.

It was a "drive by" test in a parking lot, 3 medical people, looks like 1 doctor and 2 nurse types.   They did a deep nasal swab and it was extremely uncomfortable, took like 17 Hours, although it was probably 4 seconds.   

Results in 3 or 4 days they say "just call your medical provider".   Seems like it sure as hell can be and should be faster.    Then I come home and see this video.   

Wisconsin is a mix of fiercely individual, highly self reliant people, and a large number of government teat sucking, narrative gulping liberals that think they hold the high moral ground.    It's that type of place, at least in Milwaukee and Madison.

Wisconsin fully participated in the Gang of 10 Reported Death Spiking terrorism (because of that high moral ground).    Academia, and therefore medicine, has been for many decades, think 50 years, been infiltrated by a corrupted liberal narrative.

So when "they" come to extract your 1 year old baby from your house and take them to a place that you cannot visit, because Google told "the authorities" that your phone was registered as being within 6 feet of someone was within 6 feet of someone else who testing positive for COVID.   Even though the test has 32% false positives, they are taking your baby.    

I have heard that zinc cures a bunch of problems.....and some little tyrants with newly given badges "just following orders" may have a lack of lead in their diets.  

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