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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

BUSTED! Virginia Fabricates "Record Increase In Cases", Then Mandates Masks In Public, And Rolls Out Gun Control

Why the hell are these people even allowed to "self govern". 

Below is the data and charts showing how they fabricated "Record New Cases".

And then they made face masks "mandatory" this late in the game to keep the fear and control up.

And Virginia announces Gun Control.

stock here, I sure suspected this when I saw this headline at Zerohedge yesterday.

ZH published this early in the afternoon of 5-25-2020, but it was for data for the day 5-25-2020, now that is interesting how the data was compiled for the whole day before the day even ended, and no less, on memorial day?

They republished it today, the 26th, with the 26th as the issue date.

Read the title below, and see how it doesn't match the title of the article itself.


I thought Virginia was fudging the data to make it appear that a huge spike occurred.

Whomever is participating in this and not reporting it is complicit at best.

Data from this site

I'll send the spreadsheet to whomever wants it.

A reader had this to say......

See how easy it was for Hitler to gain control of the Germans
  1. Take away their guns
  2. Take away their right to assemble
  3. Take away their churches and synagogues
  4. Take way their rights to question and criticize the government and the leader
  5. Use the security forces to enforce immoral and illegal mandates of the leader
  6. Arrest people for disobeying the illegal mandates and put them in confinements
  7. Create fear and loathing among the people
  8. Reward them for snitching on one another
  9. Single them out by making them wear a YELLOW star (masks)
Only thing missing is the gas chambers ....... so far.
Everyone should put Yellow Star on their face masks.

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