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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

BUSTED!!! Virginia Lying About Positive Cases -- Spiking Numbers To Make It Appear Dangerous 2 Weeks After Opening Up

stock here, I sure suspected this when I saw this headline at Zerohedge yesterday.

ZH published this early in the afternoon of 5-25-2020, but it was for data for the day 5-25-2020, now that is interesting how the data was compiled for the whole day before the day even ended, and no less, on memorial day?

They republished it today, the 26th, with the 26th as the issue date.

Read the title below, and see how it doesn't match the title of the article itself.


I thought Virginia was fudging the data to make it appear that a huge spike occurred.

Whomever is participating in this and not reporting it is complicit at best.

Data from this site

I'll send the spreadsheet to whomever wants it.


  1. This is the kind of data Veterans Today editor in chief Gordon Duff needs stuck under his nose.

    1. What is VT doing lately or wrong? I gave up on them when they were totally pimping out the USA radiation numbers, complete lie, equating Gamma Scint to Geiger readings. Shameful, I called them on it too, I think it was Bob Nichols.


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