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Saturday, May 23, 2020

What Better Sat AM? Cute Robin Babies Ready For Flight Training, and 25 State Modeled COVID Data All Past The Peak?

stock here.    Robins return every year and make a nest on a light just above where my German
Shepherd hangs out with and overview from deck of 70% of the homestead.

They know that no predators are going to be coming!

I betcha these little guys do their flight training within a week. 


25 States up to May 21st, Charted and Modeled.

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appreciates the work.

click for a larger clearer picture


I charted a bunch of states yesterday, and have requests for 11 more, LOL 11 is my number.

As always blogger sucks, but click for a large clear image, easy to read the dates.    

But look at Massachusetts, and especially the weird 7 day moving average.    10 States participating in the Apr 29 Spikefest.   It was planned at least a week in advance and coordinated.    All by phone call?    Must almost for sure be a group phone call, unless one party is creating the plan and then just distributing "orders".   Maybe they did it on Zoom.

This looks treasonous to me, what could their excuse possible be?   "Oh, we did it in an over abundance of caution, we figured it was better for people to be scared than dead."

New Hampshire, Very few deaths

New Hampshire -- Toughest model I have ever done.   Data all over the board.   I had to model based on the 7 day MA In Red, Model in Orange.    Look at the tabular data, they have to under report, and borrow deaths from the future to show the scary spikes.

Florida, Gov Santos opened up very early.

I have been catching up on my real life, and had to put the charts aside for awhile.

Taking requests....what States do you want to see with the "presented deaths" and the model.


For about 10 states I have the models that were done around 4-26-20, almost a month ago.   They represent how a real virus would present data based upon a "declining exponent model".

This can change, I'll present my entire Pandemic Model theory someday, but let's sum it up quick.   There is a Measure called R-Naught, R sub 0, or looks like this, but a real pain to type


It says how well the virus can jump from one human to another, how many other humans are likely to get the virus from one infected human.

For each virus there is an inherent R-naught, it the nature of the beast when presented to a totally unaware, never seen this virus before, population.     Now my science and modeling is based upon what I call the R-naught effective.    How well does the virus jump, how many other humans will one human infect given other variables, and in the models using data, it really doesn't matter what the other factors are.    The numbers speak for themselves and create the R-naught-effective

Any number of factors can be modeled, the most important being, the number of people in the community who are now immune, and the Social Distancing which is a very deceptive term.   It doesn't mean the number of feet away from the other people, which has become so popular at the magical 6 feet.    A much better measure is the amount of "spray" from one sick person to another, and this can come just from talking, especially talking forcefully.   Sneezing is worst, and coughing is second. 

So Wisconsin here....Model is from 6 weeks ago, and you can see ---
Once the "Gang of 10" Governors Crossed the RUBICON of the Apr 29 Spike Fest, they lost all fear of complete data fudging

Washington State, horrific citizen abuse

Washington State, one ridiculous final spike and then every day after death per day.   
Sorry Cabal, Flu season is over.....
New Jersey completed, from almost 7 weeks ago, they lied, and they are out of ammunition!

Michigan!   Wretched Gretchen




Georgia on my Mind!   Good for them... bolstering herd immunity with a good infection rate and declining deaths...... and prospering economy.






New York




North Carolina



  1. I have deep respect and great appreciation for your work. Since i do not know, I'll only speak for myself. I would "follow" your blog in an instant were it not for having the "register" with GOOGLE. I think it bad enough as it is without subscribing for more surveillance and e-contact tracing! I suppose, realistically, that "to follow" would not make a hill o' beans difference, as my Mom would say. Nonetheless, now that I ditched ZeroHedge and Veterans Today as worthless and worse, I have spare capacity to visit your site daily! You do make visits worthwhile. Your integrity shines forth as a beacon. Hyperbolic, but true.

    1. TY just bookmark then. Have a pleasant pandemic


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